OTE Is A Good Example Of What IPTV Solution Providers Can Do

IPTV solution providers represents Web Protocol television and any user with an IP gadget such as a tablet, laptop computer and mobile phone can obtain IPTV service anytime and anywhere as long as the user has access to high speed broadband web. With increasing need for hd video entertainments and Video as needed (VoD) by consumers, the content network service providers have experienced need of sophisticated network development. The IPTV has therefore been extremely developed by the multi-media, telecommunication, and network research study players. 

With the accessibility of broadband infrastructure and new video compression technology, IPTV provides a technological opportunity to relay live TELEVISION signals to any wise device and a television through personal broadband networks. Furthermore, it supplies a platform for telecommunication business (telcos) looking for potential opportunity to foster its income beyond voice and data services. 

The IPTV market is experiencing shift in customer characteristics, mostly affected by decreasing price and facilities advancement. As IPTV services are dispersed on high speed web networks, the development of IPTV market is straight proportional to growth in broadband penetration. Federal government policies promoting digitalization in Asia Pacific nations, such as India, have more augmented the growth of broadband penetration, consequently contributing to proliferation of IPTV services. 

Additionally, areas such as Middle East and Africa have actually also observed increased in internet users with high speed connection. Increasing broadband penetration has actually assisted improve ease of access of IPTV services in these regions, thereby adding to the addressable consumer base. Addition of additional services by IPTV providers such as interactive services together with pure play IPTV service, multi-screen services, have actually contributed to the revenue sources, and fortified market growth potential customers in the long run. 

The IPTV market is segmented on the basis of end-users into business and property end-user sections. IPTV is bring in substantial corporate interest as a tool to communicate with staff members, improve training, satisfy compliance requirements, and minimize travel expenses. Business entities and enterprises across the hospitality, education, financing, media, energy, health care, and transportation sectors utilize IPTV services and utilize it to build extra earnings streams such as targeted advertising as needed video. These entities likewise use IPTV VidOvation wireless video solutions to disperse as needed content, occasions, archived and live news, company-wide instructions, the staff member desktops and public screens spread throughout their business network. 

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Growth of the IPTV market is likewise driven by factors such as the rising demand for video on demand, high-definition channels and hybrid services in addition to IPTV services. Instead of a number of owning factors, the IPTV market faces several difficulties particularly in the developing areas such as absence of infrastructure to provide a service devoid of hold-ups and jitters, and maintaining the quality of IPTV services with the offered prices. In regions such as MENA, there is hardly any local or regional premium material production, due to which most programs are produced outside this region. Operators need huge financial investments to secure special material, which includes massive effort on their part. This ends up being cost inefficient including more expenditure and becomes a difficult issue, particularly considering the widespread practice of piracy in this region. Thus, protection of content and the avoidance of piracy stays a substantial challenge for the operators. 

The international IPTV market is fragmented and the earnings generated in the IPTV market is shared by the leading players across the IPTV supply chain. It consists of IPTV operators, software service companies, middleware service providers, material delivery network providers, and set-top-box vendors. Some leading IPTV service providers include China Telecom Corporation Limited, AT&T Inc., Orange S.A., Deutsche Telekom AG, NTT Communication, Verizon Communications, Iliad S.A., Etisalat Group, and Century Link. IPTV is prepared for to grow at a fast pace in the coming years. This is since the major telecommunication company are checking out IPTV as a protective procedure versus intrusion from conventional cable television service providers as well as a new earnings chance. 

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has been selected to serve as end-to-end IPTV systems integrator, solution service provider and business expert for tier one Hellenic Telecom Company (OTE SA). 

The incorporated IPTV solution for OTE consists of headend systems from Tandberg Television, part of the Ericsson group, middleware application, content distribution platform and a tailored and versatile customer website. The option will also include total implementation and integration of tools for functional management. 

Ericsson was selected for its shown capability to deliver a total IPTV solution that meets the market needs. 

The IPTV solution will enable OTE to use new and advanced services to its consumers. The initial deal will consist of a wide array of broadcast channels, video as needed, electronic program guide, and personal video recorder capabilities. 


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